Talk Straight Uncensored

yourshadowisfollowingyou said: Iirc, those all-included places charge extra if you want to do things outside of them.

Yeah, I caught that. But, considering how much we’ll save by not having to pay for food, drinks, on site activities…I think it’d balance out.

Or not…I’ve never been there before.

So I’m looking at taking my wife on a vacation to the Bahamas…

…and I’m checking out that Sandals Resort place and see they have discounts for military and firefighters….but none for law enforcement.

What the hell, Sandals….what the hell?

freeisrael said: Congrats! Advanced gets really cool! :)

Thanks!  Yeah, when they tested last (I didnt have enough classes in to test then) I went and watched the qualifiers so I’d have an idea of what was in store for me and caught a bit of the advanced group testing.  Good Jason Bourne/Black Widow stuff.  Looking forward to it!

Had my Krav Maga Qualifier Today….

…and managed to make it through with only one black eye and a few bruises.

On to Intermediate level!

I’ve come to the conclusion…

…that I work with a gaggle of whiny ass bitches.

I really need to find a better way to make a pile of money.

A friend of mine…

..just received a post on his Facebook from his significant other thanking him for the $1,000 bouquet of flowers he bought.

$1,000 bouquet of flowers?? Are you shitting me?

That $1,000 will be dead in three days. Give me a break.

Next time you want to throw a thousand dollars down the crapper, give it to me. My 20-something year old girlfriend could use the tuition assistance and I would get more mileage out of the lapdances I’d get than your honey bunny will get from money sent down the toilet on flowers…especially since your last relationship lasted all of two months.


I really need to quit smoking…

..but it’s like the only real vice I have left.  Gah!!

My house for sure.

My house for sure.